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APC Technologies metal finishing capabilities include: rack, barrel and vibratory plating

 Electroless Nickel Plating (low, mid & high phosphorous)
 Electrolytic Nickel Plating (Sulfamate/Sulfate)
 Type I, II & III Gold Plating for electronics and semiconductor industries
 Special cleaning processes for auto electronic & medical industry
 Dedicated processing lines available
 Passivation of stainless steel
 Electroforming - a special process that allows metals to be deposited atom by atom into shapes that are difficult to achieve by other means.  A dissolvable or melted substrate is removed after the electroformed material is deposited creating a finished shape.  

Substrate Materials Plated
 Stainless Steel

Other Services
 Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief
 Onsite chemistry lab
 SPC capabilities
 Thickness measurements by XRF
 Special packaging (e.g. vacuum sealing)
 Pickup & Delivery Available